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Pražské matky ve svém stánku, Den bez aut, 22. září 2016, foto PM

Prague Mothers, World Car Free Day, 22 September 2016, photo by PM

Pražské Matky (Prague Mothers) are a not-for-profit civic association striving to improve the condition of our living environment and traffic safety, particularly for the most vulnerable citizens. We support sustainable mobility and try to increase interest and a more responsible approach of citizens and public administrations to these issues.

Pražské Matky started in winter 1988/89 when it was necessary to react to the critical levels of pollutants in the air in Prague and to the inconvenient smog decree. In May 1989, Pražské Matky organized the first demonstration in then Czechoslovakia drawing attention to unsolved environmental problems and requested accurate information about condition of the environment.

Currently, our association has a few active members working systematically on projects and several cooperating volunteers and sympathizers. From the very beginning, the responsibility of citizens – and parents, above all – for the environment has been at the centre of attention for Pražské Matky. In the broadest sense of the word, our work concentrates primarily on the significant impact of car traffic on Prague’s environment. As most of us are drivers, it is us who can responsibly consider when and where car use is really necessary. We engage particularly in traffic-related projects and try to solve problems regarding green space and suburbanization of the city. This includes changes in the municipal plan and construction of the city circle. Our projects focus on a work with children, in whom we see a strong potential and hope for the future.

Our objectives:

– Safe routes to school for children

– Bringing up children as active citizens responsible for the condition of the environment they live in

– More support for pedestrians and cyclists from representatives of the city and its districts

– Reduction of individual car traffic

– Cleaner air and less noise

– Better awareness and public interest in environment

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