Pedestrians for Themselves

Chodci_sobe_HPSince February 10, 2012 Prague Mothers have been running  the portal Pedestrians for Themselves , an easy tool for citizens to inform their representatives of public administration and to communicate their complaints in the area of pedestrian traffic in Prague.

The problems Prague pedestrians encounter on their ways, comments or tips for improvement are recorded, displayed on the portal, and sent to the solution.

The portal provides local governments with comprehensive overview of the pedestrians problems in their districts and citizens are informed  about  their solutions.
Citizens can monitor the status of dealing with their complaints, evaluate and comment it, vote on the most problematic areas and communicate among themselves.

As part of the One World Festival in March 2012 the portal was presented at the workshop on the use of new social media for Czech NGOs as well as on a competitive evening of documentaries One World Social Innovation.

Thanks to a partnership with the Slovak organization SGI (which runs a similer tool, just more broadly conceived, the portal Message for the Mayor and which provided us with a basis of CMS) we took part in a meeting for operators of both portals was held in Bratislava to exchange their experiences with the existing operation of portals.

The portal was also presented at the conference on the effectiveness of campaigns to promote road safety (CERSC 2012) in section Young experts in Budapest.

As activities to promote and support the portal in 2013-2014, we implemented the project Pedestrians for Themselves and their environment, and in the years 2015-2016 project Pedestrians for Themselves – a campaign to encourage pedestrian traffic.

Towards the end of 2016 we have been recorded over 1,700 complaints, nearly 400 of  them have been resolved.

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